Selective focus of calm gray haired man sitting on couch, near smiling nurse

Care at Home

Home Health Care is a way of helping loved ones maintain the life quality and security they enjoyed before losing the ability to totally care for themselves. By helping with daily activities, our caregivers enable clients to maintain their normal daily routines and age in place.

nurse helps elderly woman at breakfast

Companion Care

Our Aides provide companionship for seniors who are generally healthy and want to remain independent at home. Through companionship we look to provide emotional support, bring joy and optimize the wellness of seniors in this special phase of life.

Kind geriatric doctor bringing water to the senior woman in need.

24/7 In-Home Care

O’Connell specializes in providing 24/7 around-the-clock care for persons suffering from severe medical conditions, recovering from surgeries. Our care planners will staff and coordinate core teams with rotating schedules to provide you qualified, reliable continuous care for your loved one.

About O’Connell

Fran O’Connell received his earliest lessons on the meaning and importance of home, family, individuality and life when he was a boy. Watching the unconditional care and love provided to family members, Fran quickly recognized the emotional significance of treating people as unique, special individuals—because that’s who we all are.

For Fran O’Connell, those experiences did more than shape the man he is—they’ve shaped his philosophy toward elder care and a business devoted to providing it.

“I called upon O’Connell to assist my parents with medication management and other services at home. When my father passed away several months ago, I asked O’Connell to expand the scope of my mother’s care to ensure that she could remain comfortably at home. I have found the O’Connell staff to be competent, flexible, responsive, and caring, and I highly recommend O’Connell to anyone who needs home health care.”

— Tim Cassidy, Hampton Falls, NH