Getting Started

When is the right time to begin?

It is entirely normal to struggle with the need for elderly assistance.

For many, the decision to move to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility is a difficult one. In some cases, depending on a person’s preference or particulars of the situation, moving to assisted living may be the best decision.

But for many other people, remaining at home is not just a preference but a priority.

That is where we can help. Our team of in-home care professionals are committed to helping elders age-in-place safely in the comfort of their own homes, while giving you peace of mind they are being looked after and receiving qualified assistance.

If you are exploring options for home care, please reach out to one of our offices and speak to an O’Connell Care Planner to discuss your unique needs.

Whether you need short-term or long-term assistance, a few hours a week or 24/7 round-the-clock assistance, we will provide the right care-at-home solution for you anywhere within the Pioneer Valley.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How we work

In-Home Assessment & Care Plan

Once you have spoken to a Care Planner and we understand your overall needs, they will schedule a licensed nurse to visit with you in the home setting. Our nurse will gather detailed information and design a personalized care plan based upon the client and family’s needs.

Care plans include both practical homecare duties (i.e. meal preparation and laundry),  personal assistance (i.e. bathing, dressing), and health, emotional and medical support as needed.  The care plan will also include scheduling the hours and days you wish – to suit your specific needs. There is a nominal charge for a nurse’s in-home assessment.

Staffing and Scheduling

A care coordinator will immediately begin staffing the scheduled need. Care Coordinators match up the services and schedule requested with one or more in-home-care aides. This is a process of matching staff qualifications with schedule availability and generally takes a few days. In urgent circumstances its not unusual to begin service within 24 hours.

Team Approach

Successful Care-at-Home is a team effort.  Close and honest communication regarding a client’s progress and capacities is an important part of quality Care-at-Home.  Our homecare aides work closely with each family to provide the support and relief needed. They help carry the responsibilities of caring for your loved one. They not only perform daily living tasks, but even more importantly provide an additional set of eyes, hands, and heart to help families cope with the challenges that can often accompany care at home

Discuss our services

We start with a Nurse’s In-Home Consultation and Personalized Care Plan

Schedule a conversation with a Care Planner to determine if Care-at-Home is right for you.  Complete the form below and someone will contact you shortly.  Or call your closest O’Connell Care Office today!