24/7 In-Home Care

Continuous round-the-clock care for advanced conditions

We know it’s beyond difficult to care for someone incapable of caring for themselves when you work, live far away, and/or have children that require care and attention.

In the beginning you may only need a respite for a few hours a week or possibly help with daily chores.  But as the care needs increase, or a loved one becomes incapable of self-care due to illness or injury we know one person simply cannot always be on call 24/7 to help them.

In these situations, moving a loved one to an assisted living facility is not your only option.

24/7 Round-the-clock care –  a many loving hands proposition

Round the clock care is a specialty at O’Connell.  We specialize in providing a team of qualified home caregivers who will coordinate together on rotating shifts to ensure someone is always awake and available day and night to help the client when needed  – at any time.  Rotations ensure caregivers are refreshed and always ready to deal with changing conditions or difficult situations.

This level of care support is appropriate for individuals who need continuous supervision, may be under hospice care, wander or pose a threat to themselves due to physical or mental limitations or are frequently awake during the night.

24-hour care can also serve as a temporary solution to persons transitioning from a hospital, recovering from surgery or returning from a rehabilitation facility.

Round-the-clock care can also be scheduled on a short-term basis to allow you or other family members to take a vacation or simply take a much-need extended break.

There When You Need Us

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